Mani Beaches – Hotel near Kalogria beach, Delphinia, Pantazis2019-09-30T09:15:41+00:00

Swim in the crystal blue waters of Mani, at beaches with white pebbles and golden sand.

Phoneas Beach

Phoneas beach, in which the Phoneas Canyon ends, with a huge rock in the middle of the small gulf, is one of the most famous beaches of the area. Above the beach there is a canteen.

Delphinia Beach

A small paradise unfolds in front of you while you approach the beach. It is a small gulf of exquisite beauty with green blue, almost always peaceful water and the vegetation reaching almost to the sea

Kalogria Beach

The famous beach of Kalogria is literally full of Greek and foreign visitors. It is one of the most organized beaches of the area, where you can find sunbeds and umbrellas and, also, play beach volley, rackets, or even rent a water bike or a canoe.

Pantazis Beach

Only 1km from the hotel, sandy and with many trees that provide shadow, at Pantazis beach you can enjoy your coffee or refreshing beverages at the cafeteria that is in front of the beach.